10 Things You Need To Know About Sports Massage

A sports massage is intended to help you avoid injury, speed up recovery and improve performance by improving muscle tone and flexibility. But if you’re not sure whether a sports massage is right for you or not, read on to discover ten things you need to know about what a sports massage can do for your body. If You Are Given Some Tips On Sports Massage It Will Be Easier For You To Get The Best Out Of Your Treatment
So here are 10 things you need to know about sports massage…

1) Who should have a sports massage?: If you like keeping fit and being active, then any exercise that involves high impact (jogging, running, cycling etc.) will be best served with regular sports massages.

2) How often should I have a sports massage?: To avoid muscle soreness it is recommended to use sports massages every 2-3 times per week. More frequent treatments may be required if your workout routine is particularly strenuous.

3) Are there benefits for men as well as women who do physical activity?: Sports massage has been found beneficial for both sexes who exercise heavily. The main benefit would be when a sports massage is performed soon after exercising. Some studies have also suggested that a sports massage can increase testosterone levels, but further research needs to be done on such an effect before definite conclusions can be drawn.

4) Is there an age limit for using sports massages?: No, anyone of any age or fitness level can benefit from having a sports massage. However, children under 16 years old should only have sports massages performed by their parent/guardian. Also, pregnant women shouldn’t have sports massages without first checking with their doctor.

5) Can I continue my normal training schedule while I am getting a sports massage?: Yes, in fact, many professional athletes get sports massages regularly during peak performance periods and between competitions so they are able to perform at their best in peak condition at all times.

6) Can Sports Massage Improve My Performance In Sports?: Research conducted by some elite players suggests that receiving regular sports massages can help improve performance; boosting flexibility and reducing recovery time between sessions or matches.

7) Should I worry about Massage Parlor Syndrome?: Since sports massages focus primarily on pressure to injured or tense muscles, there is no risk of developing Massage Parlor syndrome from a sports massage. However, paying for sexual services is illegal in most states and townships.

8) Can Sports Massages Reduce Soreness? : There has been clinical evidence suggesting that sports massages lessen post-workout muscle soreness following intense exercise, especially when used within 24 hours of working out.

9) What methods of treatment do Sports Massage Therapists use?: Sports massage therapists rely mainly on kneading or manipulating soft tissue to relieve tension in particular areas of the body due to physical stress or mental strain. Kneading releases endorphins which make people feel happier and relaxed as it does away with fatigue.

10) Do Sports Massages Hurt? : Sports massages don’t hurt – if anything they cause mild discomfort at most!

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